What makes Zain a regional sustainability leader?

Polly Coleman
- Leadership - Jan 25, 2017

Zain is Kuwait’s largest telecommunications company. Today, it was awarded with the Golden Medal for Excellence in Corporate Sustainability on the Arab Region level. The award was announced as part of the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility’s 11th annual awards that were recently held in Dubai.

This is the third time that Zain has won this particular award. It recognised the company’s series of social contributions and programs during 2016. The company’s long list of initiatives and campaigns (which came in line with its Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility strategy) had a deeply positive impact on the community.

The Arab Organization for Social Responsibility organises this award each year to show the leading experiences in the fields of social responsibility across the Middle Eastern region. The event is normally attended by important leaders and industry experts that represent a number of the leading CSR players in the region (from both public and private sectors).

Waleed Al Khashti, Corporate Communications and Relations Director of Zain, commented on the award, saying: “Focusing on sustainability has been and is always a key element of Zain’s overall success. This recognition we received today further highlights the steps the company took to focus its efforts on supporting innovation and committing to being a more sustainable organization. We at Zain believe that embracing the youth, supporting entrepreneurship, and harnessing talents are all main foundations of achieving sustainability.”

Zain recently focused its efforts on a campaign (which it has run for two previous consecutive years) to support the relief of Syrian refugees and displaced families. The company launched the humanitarian campaign in order to support Syrian refugees who are in urgent need of clothes during the harsh winter conditions. The campaign resulted in the collection of over 10 and a half tons of donated clothes and was in collaboration with Kuwait Society for Relief and the Union of Kuwait University Students.

As part of the company’s efforts to help refugees, it also sent a team of volunteering employees to aid Syrian refugees and displaced families in Lebanon as part of its ongoing humanitarian strategic partnership with Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS). The volunteers visited multiple KRCS-supported destinations to offer aid and support such as the Lebanese Bakeries project, Dar Al Zahra Hospital, Orange Nassau hospital, the water plant project, the thermal insulation project, as well as visiting and distributing aid relief kits to five different camps.

Zain’s social responsibility strategy focuses on conducting and supporting sound environmental practices as well as participating in environmental activities and awareness campaigns that reinforce the company’s position locally and regionally.

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